Air Force Spouse Benefits

If your spouse is in the Air Force, you know that reassignment is an up-or-down thing, depending on his duty specialty. Some Air Force specialties require that an Airman/woman spends their career at one or two bases, while others involve frequent moves.

Whether you have to leave your current employment for a PCS move or you need better employment at higher pay, part of your Air Force spouse benefits now includes a scholarship program. This scholarship can help you to become more employable and make more money at your new job.

The Department of Defense found that military spouses were having a difficult time finding good jobs with good pay. They planned and implemented this scholarship to help military families decrease financial stress and increase work readiness.

Air Force Spouse Benefits with the MyCAA Scholarship Program

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) is the program that pays for training wives in what they call “portable” careers.

Portable careers are those jobs that you can find almost everywhere and are in high demand. The Air Force spouse benefits can pay for two-year associate’s degrees, certificates, and credentials. This MyCAA scholarship amounts to $4,000, at $2,000 a year.

Which Air Force Spouse Qualify for MyCAA

Air Forcemember ranks of E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2 are eligible if their spouse are:

  • Active Duty
  • Deployed Reservists
  • Severely ill, injured, wounded, or killed in action

Wives who are on active duty themselves or legally separated are not eligible.

MyCAA Eligible Programs

air force wife benefitsAssociate’s degrees in fields such as liberal arts or general studies are not eligible. The associate’s degree, certificate, or certification must lead directly to employment. You must complete the program within three years (for Reservist wives, within 180 days after de-mobilization).

Only some schools are approved under this scholarship program. Be sure to get a Financial Assistance document before enrolling. If your school is not covered, you can ask that they be considered, but if you enroll before their acceptance, you will be responsible for all the costs.

What MyCAA Covers

Your Air Force wife benefits pay for tuition, plus credential and license fees. They do not cover all school-related expenses you may have, such as childcare, transportation, computers, etc.

MyCAA will pay for your books, supplies, or equipment if those are included in your total course cost.

Enrolling in the Air Force MyCAA Program

To receive a MyCAA scholarship as part of your Air Force wife benefits, visit the MyCAA Scholarship Home. You should complete the steps included to create an account so that you can get more information, receive career and placement counseling, and fill out the enrollment forms.

Only one in every five military spouses uses the MyCA AAir Force wife benefits. Don’t let this scholarship sit empty. Take advantage of your chance to become better trained and better paid.
of the one-in-five spouses who uses the MyCAA Marine wife benefits. You and your family will be glad you did.

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