Navy Spouse Benefits

From Newport News to Rota, Spain to Pearl Harbor, the Navy regularly sends its sailors and their families to home ports around the world. While the seamen and their officers look forward to the same rates and positions, the same can’t be said for their wives.

If you are the spouse of a younger, lower-ranking enlisted sailor, warrant officer, or officer, you may find yourself bouncing from one low-paying job to unemployment to yet another less than satisfying position as you move again and again.

The Department of Defense has recognized that to keep its force ready for deployment, it is in the best interests of the Navy and its families to help boost spouse employability. To this end, a scholarship program was created specifically for spouses of the lower ranks as part of their Navy wife benefits.

The Navy’s MyCAA Scholarship Program

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) helps Navy spouses train for careers that are determined to be portable.This training includes some associate’s degrees, certifications, or credentials that maximize the chances of making a decent wage at or near most bases.

This scholarship program gives some Navy spouses $2,000 a year, to a maximum of $4,000.

Eligibility for Navy Spouse

The Navy program is for spouses of E1-E5, W1-W2, and O1-O2 Navy members, qualified by the following:

  • If they are Active Duty
  • If they are Activated Reservists
  • If they are or have been severely ill, injured, wounded, or killed in action

Wives that are legally separated or on active duty themselves cannot participate.

Covered Training Programs

The MyCAA scholarship is limited to training programs that grant certain associate’s degrees, certifications, or licenses. The coursework must be completed within three years, or within the time an activated Reservist is on active duty.

Not all programs of study are covered. The coursework must lead directly to qualifying for specific employment, not such areas as general studies or liberal arts.

If you enroll in a school or training program not approved under MyCAA, you will be responsible for all costs. You may request that a non-covered program be approved in advance. You will need a MyCAA Financial Assistance document.

What Fees and Expenses Are Covered

The scholarship program will pay for tuition, licenses, and credentials. It will not pay for things like childcare, computers, transportation, or fees for non-educational purposes. MyCAA will pay for books, class supplies, or equipment covered in your course costs.

Enroll in the Navy’s MyCAA Program

To consider enrolling in the MyCAA program offered as your Navy wife benefits, visit the MyCAA Scholarship Home. You will need to create an account to access counseling, detailed information and request forms to participate.

Remember that the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society offers scholarship help to spouses as well.

Be one of the 20 percent of military spouses who use their MyCAANavy wife benefits. You and your Navy family have everything to gain.

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