New River: Camp Geiger


Every east coast Marine will spend some time at New River: Camp Geiger.

Depending on your spouse’s MOS (job tile) is will dictate how much time they spend there.

Most POGs (non-infantry) will only be here for a few weeks. While infantry MOS will be there for about 8 weeks. 

But, if your spouse has his/her wings they could be stationed at New River. 



Officials at Camp Lejeune were looking for an area to train Marines of the 1st MarDiv based in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba.

Their research proved a tobacco farm would suit the Marine Corps’ needs. The tobacco farm was bought for $64,503 in 1941.

New River has endured many names.

When WWII was nearing its end the airfield was closed down and became a caretaker status airfield of Cherry Point.

One year later, the airfield was reopened and was called Marine Corps Air Facility MCAS Cherry Point.

In 1952 the Air Facility was renamed again to New River. 



 Do you see what I did there?

North Carolina is HOT. Even our “Winters” can be warm, especially if you’re from the Midwest like me.

It may snow here but the next day it’s 70 degrees. The snow is gone and you’re debating going outside to tan.

Our summer lasts for about 6 months, that’s half of the year! Normally summer starts around April and doesn’t end until September.

Even October is still warm!

Every Midwest child wishes they had the Halloween weather we have here in NC.

We don’t have Spring and our Fall is from September to February.

We don’t have a Winter. 

With the great weather and being so close to the water, everyone here has crinkly hands and toes from being in the water so much.

Ha-ha, I’m just kidding but we all do love the water.

Many people own boats, jet skis, canoes, kayaks, etc. to have all the water fun.

Plus, with our humidity, the water is the place to be! 




While your spouse is at New River; Camp Geiger attending school they will have liberty, libo for short.

Liberty is where Marines are given a certain amount of time off on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Friday nights if you’re really lucky.

My husband never got a Friday night, because he’s infantry.

The normal libo hours were something along the lines of 0800 to 1800. But, they don’t always get the whole time.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband’s libo got cut short.

There is one time I remember vividly. We were at a trampoline park, we were about to pay and he got a call letting him know he must report back within 30 minutes.

Now first, they are allowed to travel up to 50 miles away from the base. If we were 50 miles away from the base there was no way in heck we would make it back in 30 minutes!

Thankfully we were about 20 minutes away from the base and he made it on time but I was pretty upset.

Also, when Marines are in ITB they must have a “buddy” with them.

Someone who stays with them while on Liberty. If you are married then your spouse will not need a buddy.


Base Attractions:

New River has some pretty fun things to do on base.

There was one weekend I brought my dog down with me. Unfortunately, we had to stay on base because my husbands’ libo got restricted (meaning they cannot leave base).

New River has a marina, with picnic tables, awesome spots to fish, kayaks, canoes, everything you could want.

The best part, there’s even a bathroom right there at the marina.

Not many bases have access to water like this, but New River does. 

New River also has a bowling alley.

Y’all let me tell you, that place is awesome!

You can get food, drinks, play arcade games or bowl just like you would at a civilian bowling alley but it’s cheaper.

Plus, if you can’t’ go off base it’s the perfect place to go. Military men and women can be in this building in uniform or civilian clothes. 

 Another fun attraction on base is the movie theater. I have never personally been but I have been told it’s just like any other theater, just cheaper. 

 The bowling alley and movie theater have days and times where you receive a discount.  


Local Attractions:

 The best part about being in Jacksonville is we have most any restaurant, car dealership and stores you could imagine.

We have everything from fast food to fancy seafood/steak places.

Whatever your heart desires Jacksonville has.

We have a mall, I am pretty sure this is the only mall that will stay in business. I avoid it at all costs.

Do you want a tattoo?

Or do you like pawn shops?

Well, we have about 56 pawn shops and over 30 tattoo parlors.

Jacksonville has three golf courses that are open to the public.

We’re only about 60 miles away from Wilmington, NC, 15 miles away from International Waterway and about 30 miles away from Topsail Island. 

Overall, New River: Camp Geiger has so many attractions on base and off base to keep you and your family busy, as well as, happy!



Author Bio: Heather Orbich is 25 years old, originally from northern IL and has been a marine wife for about 6 months. Currently, her husband and she reside in Jacksonville, NC at Camp Lejeune. Heather loves writing in her free time, as well as, hitting the beach with her husband, Luke. 



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