Associate Degree Programs

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A sound employment strategy, backed by rock-solid credentials.

A two-year associate’s degree will demonstrate your competence and motivation to prospective employers. Our Military Spouse Program offers convenient online associate degrees to get you suited up for the workforce. Check out the majors we offer below.

Introducing MyCAA Approved Degree Programs: Associate’s Level

Brighton College is proud to offer MyCAA approved degree programs for military spouse students of all ages who want to break into the legal or health care fields. We are currently accepting applications for the following programs:

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  • Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies – If you enjoying writing and have a sharp eye for detail, you may want to take a look at our associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Modern paralegals, or legal assistants, receive a middle-class income and enjoy a great deal of independence. Some can even work remotely. It’s a fantastic career for military spouses.
  • Associate’s Degree in Health Services Management – Few industries are expanding as quickly as health care. And the lion’s share of jobs are going to the foot soldiers of the field: patient experience coordinators, health service concierges, community health workers, clinical research directors, and more. Big changes are afoot in this exciting field. If you want to be a part of this unprecedented expansion of opportunity, ask about out our MyCAA approved degrees in Health Services Management.
  • Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Whether you are currently employed and are looking for advancement or seeking a new career path, the Business Management degree will help you achieve your goals. Are you an employer who wants your managers to further their education, increase their skill level and become more productive in your business? Earning an associate degree in Business Management through MyCAA will open doors to so many opportunities.

The Advantages of an Associate’s Degree

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  • Keep your options open – An associate’s degree lets you continue your education at the bachelor’s level if you choose to do so.
  • Learn how to use Microsoft programs – Most careers require knowledge of Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Lucky for you, we include training for these in all of our degree programs.
  • Develop an advanced skill set – A two-year associate’s degree will let you develop an advanced skill set in your industry of choice, potentially leading to better jobs, higher starting salaries, and upward mobility further down the road.
  • Live up to your potential – Although the work can be challenging, there’s always a knowledgeable instructor to help you find your way. Brighton College can help you live up your academic potential if you go for a full associate’s degree.

What to Expect From Our MyCAA Approved Degrees

Our online certificate programs include the following features:

  • Open enrollment, year-round
  • Fully accredited online distance learning
  • Practical, demand-driven job training
  • Innovative instructional practices
  • State-of-the-art digital resources
  • Responsive, well-qualified professors

Education is the key to success in the workforce.

Getting an education has never been so important. It’s the number one way to start moving up in this intensely competitive economy.

Thanks to the military’s MyCAA scholarship, eligible military spouses can get up to $4,000 of their tuition paid for, free of charge. With Brighton College’s MyCAA approved degrees, that funding goes a long way. Call us to find out just how far: 800-354-1254.

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